The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Uzbekistan has established relations with the constitutional courts of a number of developed democratic countries of Europe and Asia.
On July 12, 2010 in Jakarta the constitutional courts of the Republic of Indonesia, the Republic of Korea, Malaysia, the Republic of Mongolia, the Kingdom of Thailand, the Republic of Philippines and the Republic of Uzbekistan established the Association of Asian Constitutional Courts and Equivalent Institutions. Later the constitutional court or the organs exercising constitutional control of Russian Federation, Turkey, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and Kyrgyz Republic were admitted as its members. The Association is an independent non-political organization with the main functions of organizing activities such as symposia on public law and constitutional jurisdiction, facilitating sharing of experiences, providing technical assistance in enhancing the independence of constitutional courts. The establishment of the Association created wide opportunity for exchange of positive experience in the field of exercising constitutional justice in Asian countries.
Besides the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Uzbekistan is a member of World Conference on Constitutional Justice established under auspices of Venice Commission of Council Europe and uniting 95 constitutional courts of the world countries.
At the same time the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Uzbekistan carries on exchange of legal information and case-law constitutional control directly with the constitutional control organs of foreign countries.